Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Mail

Ok, I've been away from the blog working on software projects (shameless self-promotion - check out the online identity verification badge at right..). But despite this, Fuji Otaku continues to get mail, this just in from Peter:

"Thanks for the great site. I inherited a Fuji Special Road Racer from my sister and began training for triathlon on it. It is a surprisingly comfortable bike, extremely reliable and feels fast even though it’s quite heavy. I’ve since purchased a dedicated tri bike but I still gravitate back to the Fuji because it’s so comfortable."


Thanks for writing, and if you have any pics, send them on. IMO, the few extra pounds are far outweighed by the class and comfort of this classic. I have one as well (anyone have a serviceable Fujita saddle for sale?) and love tooling around the neighborhood on it.