Monday, August 4, 2008

Fuji Absolute Ladies Model, in Lavender

Near the bottom of Fujis line in the mid-80's (see the picture of the rear dropouts). Pretty in lavender, though.

Frame: 17" Valite, step-through non-mixte style
Wheels: 27"
Drivetrain: Suntour
Brakes: Diacompe


Anonymous said...

i recently bought this bike at a tagsale. unfortunately, the decal is a bit messed up. is this bike too outdated to get new decal from somewhere?

robatsu said...

Well, there are lots of people who specialize in reproduction decals.

Not something you will find at a Fuji dealer.

Send me some email at the "Show Us Your Fujis" link with a picture, I'll post it, maybe a reader will have a stash of decals or know somebody who does.

Rachelita said...

What would be a fair price to pay for this bike off of craigslist?