Monday, August 4, 2008

New Acquisition - 1973 Fuji Special Road Racer

Picked up this Fuji Special Road Racer today. Serial number is K8J03732, which, according to the Fuji Serial Number Database, dates this as a 1973.

The Special Road Racer was the previous name of the well-known S10-S and for some period was referred to by both names. This one was acquired from the original owner, and other than the bar tape and tires, appears completely stock. Light surface rust, it appears to be succumbing to Maryland's summertime humidity. Overall, has the appearance of a bike that has been in storage a long time.

Paint and decals are excellent, chrome is good, there is one problem area on the non-drive side chain stay with some bubbling, but other than that, looks like it will clean up nicely.

I was going to name this post, "Welcome Back, Cotter", but it turns out not to have the cottered steel cranks I assumed it would, but alloy swaged Suginos with three arm spiders.

In general, there is much more alloy on this bike than I had assumed - the Nitto B115 bars and Ukai rims are alloy as well. Seatpost is steel, as are the rat trap pedals.

The wheels, not only having alloy Ukais (with nice surviving decals) have very handsome Sansin high flange hubs. Very similar hubs were later sold as Suntour VX high flange hubs for a brief period.

The Nitto Hi-Crown stem, aka "I-Beam", is a nice touch. Some bikes, they look odd and clunky, but they work on this one.

The front derailleur is Suntour Compe-V, rear is Suntour V-GT luxe. Controlling these are nice rubber hooded Suntour downtube clampons, note the brazed on pump mounts.

Headset has a knurled upper cup and a shapely locknut. There is lug pinstriping, also replicated at seat cluster.

Forged dropouts with threaded M-5 eyelets, dually in the rear. They do not have an integrated derailleur hangar, unfortunately. The minor rust seen here is typical of the chrome plating on this bike, other than the problem area on one chain stay.

Christophe toe clips have an art deco feel to their label.

Oh yeah, you didn't think I was going to forget to mention the original Fujita Belt leather saddle? It appears supple/ridable and was never tensioned beyond the original setting. Some abrasion here and there, but definitely usable and good looking. It would be nice to get the handlebar tape to mimic this honey/brown color, yellow Velox with a few coats of amber shellac may do the trick.

One last parting shot of a bike that is quite likely to become a keeper.


Anonymous said...

would you consider selling

Cerpin Taxt said...

I have this bike now. Same serial number. bought in the atl.

mao said...

I have a bike 1973 Classic Special Road Race Model S10-S. in good condition. Would you like to buy

Cerpin Taxt said...

maybe, where r u located?

Anonymous said...

Cerpin Taxt
would you consider selling your bike

robatsu said...
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Cerpin Taxt said...

i would! it does look radically different, lemme see if i can find some pics.

Anonymous said...

cerpin taxt- would you consider selling contact

BuffaloCharlie said...

It is completely original! I got one in the late 70's as a christmas present when I was in my early teens. Consumer Reports had just named it their top bike in the ratings, and some of my friends were jealous! Mine was exactly the same as the one in your photos. An excellent quality bike with a plush steel frame, I put countless miles on it and loved that bike dearly...ultimately got stolen when I left it unlocked (I know) outside a mall, but I still think of that bike fondly. I got a used Fuji Sports 12 later on, but it was a cheaper model and not nearly of the same quality. Great find there, you really got lucky! Enjoy:-)

Artificial Intelligence said...

I just picked up a bike almost IDENTICAL to yours, except for the kickstand.
Serial # F8J03977 dates this bike at October 1973. Everything is in fantastic shape. Got it as a commuter.

Artificial Intelligence said...

I just picked up a bike almost identical to yours. The only difference I can tell is the kickstand. It is in amazing shape.
My serial # is F8J03977 which puts mine around October 1973 Fuji. Not sure what the difference between F and K is (Different manufacturing plants?).
I can't wait to use it as my commuter. Picked it up in Maryland, being used to commute around DC-VA.