Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reader Needs Help With 84 Del Rey

In the mailbox:


I love your Fuji website. I've become a recent fan myself, after purchasing an S-12-S on Craigslist for $25, sight unseen. The downtube's damaged and the frame's too small for me anyway, but the components are pristine. It looks like it went on a handful of rides and got banged up on one of them.

Long story short, i've bought another Fuji, an 84 Del Rey just like yours. I bought this one labeled as "broken" on CL thinking i'd mount the group from the S-12-S on the frame from the Del Rey and have an around-towner. Turns out the front wheel on the Del Rey has a broken spoke and the bottom bracket spindle is sheared off at the crank - the rest of the bits are fine. Now i just need a new bottom bracket, reusing a wheel i've got. Any chance you know the spindle length for that Sugino XT crankset on your Del Rey? I'd like to hit up the shop on the way home and didn't get into the crank last night.

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!


Well, Joe, thanks for you kind words about the blog. As for the bottom bracket, while it is on my to do list, I haven't yet repacked the bb on my 84 Del Rey (you're going to love yours when it is up and running), so I can't say authoritatively what it is just now and none of the literature I have mentions anything.

Perhaps a reader out there in Fuji land knows this and could post it to the comments for this blog entry? It sure would help Joe out.

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