Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rare Bird - John's Featherlight

John P. writes:

"The wheels are some relatively inexpensive weinmanns I grabbed so I could get rolling sooner. The bike came to me w/ tubular araya rims laced to dura ace (front) and suntour superbe pro (rear) track hubs. I will have them built into clinchers eventually.

The cranks that came with it are dura-ace and I put a cool fuji race saddle and suntour seatpost I had on it. Also, the seller described the front hub as high flange dura-ace track, but when I examined it all I saw was a shimano "S" on the hub barrel. Then I looked at the sides and saw "dura ace" inscribed on the washers/dust caps. Then I looked at the barrel again and saw a tiny "njs"...

Bike weight is 20 lbs., 10 oz. as shown."

John - thanks for sending these in. I don't know much about these other than I believe that they were only distributed in Japan. This would account for their scarcity here in the U.S. But that is only hearsay, so if any reader has any additional info, it would be appreciated.

John's bike is the subject of a BikeForums thread here.

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