Thursday, February 19, 2009

Suntour Derailleur Encyclopedia

Astute followers of this blog may notice a new link in the Useful Info section to "Suntour Derailleur Encyclopedia". In general, those interested in old Fujis, or just vintage cycles often have a concurrent interest in Suntour. The link in question deep links into the Suntour section of Disraeli Gears, which is a phenomenal collection of derailleur information.

It is a well constructed, lushly illustrated resource with some priceless narrative gems such as this comment that closes a scathing review of the Suntour Superbe Tech derailleur:

"Continuing the theme of hubris, the Superbe Tech is often described as ‘the most beautiful derailleur of all time’, so I have deliberately included this mid-length pulley cage, ‘L’, example - the most thoroughly scratched derailleur in this collection. Pride that dines on vanity, sups on contempt."


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