Saturday, July 19, 2008

1983 Fuji S12-S Mixte

Here are some photos of a 1983 Fuji S12-S 19.5" mixte in the condition that I received it. I purchased it from the original owner, who had preserved it in very nice condition. The paint is in excellent condition. Rust is limited to humidity corrosion on some nuts and bolts here and there. This was the highest level mixte Fuji produced in 1983. Click on any of the images for a hi-res version. What do you think of this bike?

After unpacking and basic assembly - cables not hooked up yet:

Although it is an S12-S, it has 18 speeds:

The original HKK gold finish chain:

Chromoly tubing and forged dropouts, rear has integrated derailleur hanger, eyelets are threaded M5:

Originally sold by the Hive Bike Shop in Peru, Indiana.

Suntour NSL top normal front derailleur:

Vintage Cateye cycle computer:

Non original saddle. Original is Fuji "Road Look", this one seems higher grade. According to the original sales receipt I received along with this bike (see below), this saddle was installed at time of purchase of the bike, so maybe I can think of this one as "stock" for this bike. It is what was sold with this bike when it was new....:

Fuji, Fuji, everywhere:

Original catalog, receipts for bike ($289 for discounted bare bike, $391 with accessories and tax) and computer ($59, a lotta dough in 1983). A later blog post will have hi-res scans of the catalog for reference purposes:


Anonymous said...

Cool bike!

Anonymous said...

As far as mixtes go this seems to be one of the higher end ones. Wonderful bike/specimen!

Anonymous said...

I just listed another Fuji tonight on Craigslist...has original seat, original everything, I think's a fixer-upper, if you're interested.

How's "my" old Fuji doing?
Carol in Peru Indiana

robatsu said...


If you look at this post, you will see that your mixte is enjoying life now as my wife's prized city bike.

Anonymous said...

I had a Cateye like this one.Enjoyed seeing one again.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I worked at that shop for 10 years. It's great to see another survivor from the shop. 2 of my Fuji bikes came from there originally. Fond memories...

Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for the bike?

robatsu said...

I really can't remember, maybe I paid 150? That sounds about right.