Sunday, July 27, 2008

The End Of The Line

Natalie, my intrepid beyond belief sister, rolled into town (Washington, D.C.) yesterday as the conclusion of her transcontinental, self supported bike trip. Pretty impressive feat, 4300 miles in 10 weeks, pulling all her camping gear, food, tools, in a trailer.

So I hitched up my own trailer, loaded up my son Benchan, and rode out the C&O towpath to meet and accompany her for her last 30 miles or so.

We met up around milepost 27, pretty lonely area of the C&O. Here she comes:

Benchan was eager to show off his wheels to Natalie.

Today, Benchan is helping Natalie clean up. You can see what discriminating adventure cyclists ride. Not a Fuji, but a very cool bike nonetheless. I'm trying to talk her into losing the brifters.

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L said...

Wow! Nice tee shirt as a reward.