Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Purple S10-S

Been really busy with non-Fuji activities the past week or so, but I've received a few readers bikes to post.

Here is one, more to come:

"Fuji Otaku, set the Wayback machine to 1978!

Purple may not be everyones favorite color, but I love this S10-S! As a matter of fact, I love all S10's. They fit me like an old shoe, ride great and are real work horses. I bought this purple haze thru a private sale and it was in pretty rough shape, covered with scrapes, scratches and some light surface rusting. Most of the components were a mess. What showed thru the grime was this beautiful saturated color. I probably spent more time cleaning, soaking and polishing this Fuji than any of my other Fuji rescues. New tires, lever covers, cables, housing and brake pads completed the restoration.

A few notes on the S10-S .... As far as I can tell, Fuji stopped using the name Special Road Racer after 1976. The 1977 had chrome chain and seat stays and a solid chrome fork crown. Unfortunately, the 1978 model lost the chrome stays and the fork crown had become a separate thin chrome cover on the fork. Also, no pin striping around the lugs as on previous years.

Thanks for posting this S10-S!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Plea for Help

In the inbox:

"Could you help me with an idea of the manufacture date on the Fuji Special Road Racer, this is the bike that got me started back in the road bike world including my small home shop.


St. Paul, MN


Your Special Road Racer, apart from the custom paint (any backstory on that?), is probably mid 70's. However, one way to nail the date down for any vintage Fuji is to visit the Fuji Serial Number Database thread on There is information there for figuring out the date of your bike based upon its serial number. Very helpful, those bikeforums people, I'd like to add.

Of course, readers will want to see the picture of the Special Road Racer in question:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Matthew's 1985 Fuji Opus III

More mail, looks like today is Opus day:

"Hello! I am very happy to find your vintage Fuji website. Here is mine, a 1985 Fuji Opus III. I bought this bike from ebay last December for less than $100, though the shipping was expensive. However, a fellow who used to race the Opus in '84 said I still got a great deal. I am in process of rebuilding the wheels for it right now. The rear spokes started breaking in the middle. It was a great day when this bike arrived from FedEx. I didn't know what I was getting. It has superbe pro derailleurs and cranks, royal gran compe brakes, sunshine pro-am hubs (very smooth, fast). It feels to me like there is something very special about this bike. It fits me very well, and rides beautifully. I can't wait to get back on it. Matteo"

Matteo, you are lucky man indeed. High on the wishlist for most Fuji fan's is an Opus III. I don't have mine yet, but someday....

Stephen's Opus III

In the mailbox:

Great website for the Fuji Fanatics out there! I'm attaching a few photos of my Fuji Opus III. Serial # is C303.
Stephen Bryne
Fairfax, CA"