Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Purple S10-S

Been really busy with non-Fuji activities the past week or so, but I've received a few readers bikes to post.

Here is one, more to come:

"Fuji Otaku, set the Wayback machine to 1978!

Purple may not be everyones favorite color, but I love this S10-S! As a matter of fact, I love all S10's. They fit me like an old shoe, ride great and are real work horses. I bought this purple haze thru a private sale and it was in pretty rough shape, covered with scrapes, scratches and some light surface rusting. Most of the components were a mess. What showed thru the grime was this beautiful saturated color. I probably spent more time cleaning, soaking and polishing this Fuji than any of my other Fuji rescues. New tires, lever covers, cables, housing and brake pads completed the restoration.

A few notes on the S10-S .... As far as I can tell, Fuji stopped using the name Special Road Racer after 1976. The 1977 had chrome chain and seat stays and a solid chrome fork crown. Unfortunately, the 1978 model lost the chrome stays and the fork crown had become a separate thin chrome cover on the fork. Also, no pin striping around the lugs as on previous years.

Thanks for posting this S10-S!



J.Knecht said...

Just found this blog, and you are doing a service! Great stuff here. I hope you come across an 87 catalog. I'm trying to date my bike, but it's been a circuitous pursuit. I commented this elsewhere, but here it is:

Steve M said...

Gorgeous S10S.

Made my heart jump to see it -- I toured on a bike like this in the late 70s to early 80s. I believe they called the color "violet."

The handlebar tape on the original was probably black or something. I may have a photo or two lying around. . . . I miss that bike.


gkeller10 said...

Holy Crow!...that is my bike! I thought I had the only violet one. I have had it since I got it brand new in 1979 and it still rides like a dream. Everything is original except for the tires, cranks and pedals. Happy to send you a picture just let me know.

Glenn K

PS - Yes original handlebar tape was black.

gkeller10 said...

Clarification...the my Fuji S10-S is actually a 1978 model I purchased it as last years model in 1979. I got a few dollars off for that and because it was violet.

balancepin said...

I have this same bike now, in original condition. Bought it in '79 on sale for the unpopular-at-the-time color. It is the most solid and dependable bike I've ever owned, requiring minimal maintenance after hard use. I so like it that despite my present age and infirmity, I am considering electrifying it.

balancepin said...

This bike is identical to one I purchased in 1979 on sale (I still have the receipt). The color was not popular then. The bike served during intermittently heavy use, requiring minimal maintenance over the decades since. By now older and somewhat infirm, (just like the bike), I am considering electrifying it to help on hills. This is a terrific workhorse. I'll never forget a young women spying it and calling it "really cool!" a few years back....