Thursday, September 4, 2008

Matthew's 1985 Fuji Opus III

More mail, looks like today is Opus day:

"Hello! I am very happy to find your vintage Fuji website. Here is mine, a 1985 Fuji Opus III. I bought this bike from ebay last December for less than $100, though the shipping was expensive. However, a fellow who used to race the Opus in '84 said I still got a great deal. I am in process of rebuilding the wheels for it right now. The rear spokes started breaking in the middle. It was a great day when this bike arrived from FedEx. I didn't know what I was getting. It has superbe pro derailleurs and cranks, royal gran compe brakes, sunshine pro-am hubs (very smooth, fast). It feels to me like there is something very special about this bike. It fits me very well, and rides beautifully. I can't wait to get back on it. Matteo"

Matteo, you are lucky man indeed. High on the wishlist for most Fuji fan's is an Opus III. I don't have mine yet, but someday....

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Aaron Nichols said...

This is a very nice bike indeed. Mine has Shimano 600 components and wheel from an upgrade the previous owner made. There is just something special about the old steel framed racing bikes - sort of like WWII fighter planes.