Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stephen's Opus III

In the mailbox:

Great website for the Fuji Fanatics out there! I'm attaching a few photos of my Fuji Opus III. Serial # is C303.
Stephen Bryne
Fairfax, CA"


Anonymous said...

Hello Stephen,

wonderful bike :) I am still searching a OPUS 3, for over 8 Years now. Over here in Europe there are only a few imported -.- so its hard to find one...
If u like to sell it, i BUY it :)

For the price, i think we find some good way for both sides ;)

Tom said...

This is just a shot in the dark, but I have an Opus 3 in pretty good shape and I was thinking of modifying the bike, until I determined there might be a market for an original condition Opus3. Any ideas what it's worth, it's the charcoal with marroon accents. You can get ahold of me at thanks Tom