Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Phoenix Project - Dura Ace HP 7410 Headset

I settled rather quickly on a headset to replace the existing Stronglight A9 Hinault on The Phoenix Project.  The only other candidates seriously considered were several Chris King models.  Were it not for the glaring graphics - yes, even the Sotto Voce variants I find too loud - it would have been a tougher run of things.

Hmm, the novelty of doing all the ratings with the cute graphics has quickly worn thin, so dispensing with cutesy graphics....

The Shimano Dura Ace HP 7410 headset is an alloy, cartridge bearing type.  It has been around for ages, having first debuted in 1994.  I'm not sure if it is still in production, but plenty of retailers still carry it.

Per the usual Dura Ace standards, the workmanship and finish is flawless, jewel-like:

The cartridge bearing is a proprietary type which doesn't appear to be widely available, so one hopes that the original ones live up to the Dura Ace reputation.

The fork crown race, actually not a race but a bearing retainer, has a rather delicate appearance.  This gave me some pause as I assembled the usual home-brew medieval headset installation implements.  After a few tentative swipes at it, I decided the odds were not on my side.  So I punted and ran it up to Silver Cycles, who expertly installed it posthaste for $25 USD.

Nothing radical about this, although a $35 USD Tange Levin Alloy NJS would get the job done as nicely on loose bearings.  However, having been a loose-bearing hardliner for so long, this project is my opportunity to expand my horizons.

I highly recommend the Tange Levin NJS headset.  There is a chromed steel model that is otherwise identical for a little more ruggedness at the cost of a few grams.  The chromed steel model is especially nice for vintage frames where one seeks the Campagnolo Nuovo Record look.

Running Tally

$1114 USD

We carry forward $989 from the Nitto Jaquar NJ-SP72 Seatpost episode of The Phoenix Project.  To that we add $110 USD for the Dura Ace HP-7410 and $25 USD to the wonderful folks at Silver Cycles.  Tell Josh I said hey..

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Dale said...

I read this post a while back but checked it again and noticed the spacer you used. I'm in the process of building up a bike and would like your advice on spacers. Will they work OK with a Campagnola record headset? What brand and size spacer did you use? The Chris King spacers seem to look the part. Thanks!

robatsu said...

I just used a generic spacer from the bike shop. I don't see why a Record spacer wouldn't work.