Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trek 720

This is my wife's ride.  I purchased the bare frame some years back.

Equipment on this 21" bike:
  • 1st generation Suntour Cyclone Front/Rear Derailleur
  • Electra Ticino high flange hubs on Velocity Synergy 700 C Rims
  • Nitto S83 seatpost
  • Brooks Countess Sprung Saddle
  • Nitto Randonneur Bars
  • ITM Stem
  • CLB Brake Levers and Cable Housing
  • Sugino XD2 Crankset
  • Tektro Frogleg Cantilever Brakes
  • Pasela Panaracer 25 Tires
  • MKS Sylvan Touring Pedals
  • Honjo Fluted Fenders
The Electra/Velocity wheelset is a recent addition.  The previous wheels were a set of Campagnolo Croce d'Aune hubs laced to Campagnolo Omega rims.  These were off an old race bike of mine.  This might sound a little flimsy for this bike, but my wife is both careful and lightweight so things worked out fine.  It just got to the point that the rim wear was too much so I replaced them.
    Very nice bike, the one that converted my wife into a bike snob.  Before that, she liked cycling but had little interest in the machines themselves.  Now in Japan, she refuses to buy and ride the typical junk in retail bike shops there.  So I have to ship this to Japan.

    Anyone with any experience/recommendations doing this, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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