Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scott's Time Machine 1973 Special Road Racer

Fuji Otaku gets mail!

"Attached are the photos of my 1973 Special Road Racer/S10-S. I won it on Ebay last year for, if I remember correctly, 75 dollars plus a a small amount for shipping. The bike is pretty much 100% original except that it's missing the spoke protector on the rear wheel. The frame, components and decals are absolutely pristine with no rust and you'd be hard pressed to find even a small scratch. I've never had to clean it or wipe it down. The only difference I can see from the 1973 catalog photo is that mine has alloy rims, the catalog has them listed as steel. The 1974 was the first SSR that was spec'd with alloy rims. Perhaps mine was a late year '73. By the way, I don't ride it with these tires, I swap out a more modern set of rims and tires. I just couldn't bare to loose that patina on these gumwalls!



Scott, that's an incredible bike that plain kicks butt on my 73 Special Road Racer in the well preserved and cool color categories at a minimum. And an honorable mention for the nice Fujita saddle, 35 years young there. Curiously, my Special Road Racer also has alloy Ukai rims. I think I read somewhere this was an option on the bike.

Well, on to the pics and extra thanks for the catalog page.

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