Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tomita-san's Fuji Feather Compo

More mail for Fuji Otaku! Hope this trend continues.

"Hello, Fuji Otaku-san!!

Nice to meet you.
This is Tomity (Tomita Toshihiko), Classic Rendezvous mailing member from Tokyo, Japan. I'm a professional Keirin rider (1982~), 50 y.o. now.

I send some Fuji bike photo. I had old FUJI bike. The base was 10 speed bike though remodeled to fixed bike. This has already been transferred to the friend.

This is old Japanese Fuji bicyle catalog from old catalog fan:

Ride safe,



Thanks for the pictures and the catalog. That headbadge on the Feather Compo is excellent, and I'm sort of partial to the pink color. My wife is Japanese, and on our annual visits to her hometown of Moriyama, I spend time looking for Japanese cycling things hard to find in U.S. It would be really nice to be able to find one of those old Fuji camping/randonneur models shown in the catalog.

Again, thanks for writing, and here are the pictures of Tomita-san's Feather Compo:

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