Monday, March 9, 2009

Mixte in the City

Longtime readers may remember my 1983 Fuji S12-S (18) mixte documented in this post. Well, following the purchase, it sat in limbo while I accumulated parts and ambition. Yesterday, I got a little busy with it, launching it on its journey to become a nice city bike for Mrs. Otaku. Sorry for the non-driveside photo, but this was in the heat of wrenching action.

Really not much other than replacing the bars and controls, but it already radically changes the nature of the bike. It isn't apparent in the pics, but the cable housings are now very shiny/blingy braided steel. The shifters are vintage Shimano M700 thumbies from the 1980's and the brake levers are contemporary Shimano BL-R440. Despite a difference of over 20 years in production date, they seem to work well together.

Here is a view from the cockpit:

And as a reminder, here is what the bike looked like to begin with.

Mrs. Otaku is pleased so far. Fenders, racks, maybe lighter pedals and a wide leather saddle should be coming along. I'm sort of thinking that this might be a nice 650b candidate.

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Anonymous said...

This is maybe my favorite mixte of all time