Friday, March 27, 2009

Fuji Otaku Follows Own Advice, Scores As Well!

I've never figured out why Fuji would name a high-end racing model after a waddly little penguin. But I'm not a marketing genius either...

But to the point. Nothing like eating your own dog food. In an earlier post, Matt was advised to scour the nation for the bike he wanted and make it easy for the seller. As readers rapidly discovered, this worked quite handily for Matt.

So there is a reason this pablum is dished out - it is a time-proven method of the Fuji Otaku purchasing department. Here is the frame for my Opus, connivingly imported from New England, arrived yesterday. All the other parts are there, 100% original, with flashy gold rims.

More to come on this crowning addition to the Fuji Otaku lineup.

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