Friday, March 20, 2009

Update On Formerly Purple Club Fuji

The Fuji Otaku mailbox has been a sadly empty recently. So our spirits were lifted when we received a message from David and Cyndi, owners of the formerly purple Club Fuji that was the subject of this post.

"I located some Fuji decals after looking for a long time. Unfortunately, the were not Club Fuji, but a Fuji Del Rey ..... The Club Fuji Sold for $100 more than a Del Rey in the late 80's. Here is a picture of the restored Fuji frame ...running gear is modern. More details below. Thank you for the help. "

David and Cyndi,

Thanks for writing and I'm glad this blog has helped. Early 80's Del Rey decals on early 90's, formerly purple, Club Fuji. That arrangement will have some future Fuji collectors scratching their heads.

Looks great and quite a conversation piece now.


Fuji Otaku

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