Friday, March 27, 2009

Del Rey Delights

Thought I'd post a few pics of the in-progress Del Rey. Did the handlebar treatment, cleanup, some wheel repacking so far.

With the gold rims, this would be a primo fixie. Fat chance of that happening on my watch.

The gold 6 speed cluster works well. I've lost the dork disk (actually put it in the original parts box on a shelf, so this could be taken back to stock some day if desired).

The handlebar treatment has worked out pretty well. Don't even ask how much trauma this has been. The paint has a very fine gold metal flake that causes it to change tone dramatically in different light, from olive to almost a blue/green grey color. But I'm done futzing around with it.

Speaking of the paint, this bike has some of the best paint I've ever seen on a non-NOS vintage bike. In the following two pictures, one may see that under the clamp on front derailleur and down tube shifters, typically problem areas, the paint is virtually perfect. It also indicates that that the overall paint job has not faded, since there would be a darker, unfaded ring under the component clamp. As noted above, fixie folks would die for this one....

One more shot for the road:

I've got some interesting ideas for this bike, so stay tuned. Here is one possibility (I've got the rear hub around somewhere):

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