Monday, March 30, 2009

Green Is The Color Of....

Money. And envy. This combination is fitting, since it isn't exactly cheap making the 1984 Del Rey so droolworthy.

One item received today:

A green Brooks saddle. I haven't bought a new Brooks in factory trim in a while, Brooks has definitely gone uptown with the packaging and accessories:

They included an adjustment wrench, hopefully, this collects dust.

The newsletter was many pages long and actually interesting, not just marketing fluff.

Care and feeding instructions for new baby. And a rain cover, although it doesn't fit as nicely as the one I purchased from wallbike many years ago.

Ok, enough preliminaries, on to the the money shots. I went to fit it up, and the seatpost, whose flutes I so lovingly painted, didn't fit - the rail mounts were far too wide on it. Rats, but I wasn't taking no for an answer, so I scrounged up a seatpost with which I could mount the seat in order to take some pics for color testing. The camera doesn't lie (click on pics for larger view).

Works for me. But I want my flutes, so off to ebay, I guess. From these pics, it does make me think that perhaps gold flutes may work, if combined with black cable housing.

Some dreams just die hard....

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