Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Park Tools Stock Plummets On New Fuji Otaku Post!

In this post, we'll describe how to install a headset while using stuff that is generally useful in other aspects of one's life. But first, a pic or two of the 1972 Fuji Finest following the Oxalic Acid bath that never happened.

Lookin' good. Now, assemble the following:

1 NOS Suntour Sprint JIS alloy headset, a deal at $29.00.

A really big Record C Clamp and some grease:

This was enough to get the bottom cup installed. I put the bottom race into the cup so that I wasn't applying pressure to the alloy exterior of the cup and a wood pad between the top of the C clamp and the head tube.

At this point, I ran into a slight problem; as big as that C clamp is, it wasn't big enough to install the head tube race with the bottom cup installed. So, out to the garage. Here, you see the frame in a woodworking vise. The blue tape is holding the head tube race and fork crown race in position, since I only have two hands. Again using the fork crown race so that pressure isn't applied to the alloy lower cup.

After things are snugged up a little, pull the tape back on the head tube race so that it doesn't get pinched between the race and the head tube and become a major pita.

This worked without incident. It did require a fair amount of pressure.

Now for the fork. Even lower tech, and since we are out in the garage and the vise is handy...

Basically, just tap the lower race on with the oak scrap and the mother of all mallets (a recurring character on this blog). "Tap" is a misnomer, it requires some fairly confident whacks, not full force, but with feeling, so to speak. Keep an eye on alignment - I checked with each "tap", and do them around the circumference of the race, not just in one spot. Like the other stuff, works ok:

So now we see these two, ready to hook up:

You complete me....

This job took all of ten minutes. Well, it would have taken ten minutes but for the picture taking, which more than doubled the time. I hope you guys are happy.

Do stay tuned. Since I didn't repaint this frame, decided to love the patina, I'm going to be less than particular about the parts that go on it. That is not to say that it isn't going to be a deeply desirable ride, just not concours - I want this to be a rider.

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