Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Can't Hurt To Try

The Del Rey needs some handlebar tape. I gave a feeble attempt at a yellow/green harlequin, then I decided I really, really, really am wearing this diamond pattern out. So I go with plain old green.

In this era of cork orthodoxy, which has single-handedly revived the national economy of Portugal, choices are pretty slim in the cloth tape color department. As it is, Tressostar doesn't even make green anymore, but the Fuji Otaku parts department still had two rolls left in stock. Not really the right green, but cloth tape and shellac guys really aren't in a position to complain.

It has been a long time since Shimano or SRAM included any of us in their focus groups.

Well, here it is with the raw tape:

Well, not even close between the Del Rey dark olive and the almost teal green tape. The cord whipping is just plain old white string, no fancy pants Michael's Crafts hemp twine.

My theory was that some amber shellac would olive up the tape and would cause the white string to match the brownish gold, i.e., amber, trim on the bike.

Sounds crazy? A big roll of the dice?

Oh ye of little faith (click on the picture for a better view):

This is just one coat of amber. I'll probably do a coat of clear or two, see how it progresses. I gotta say, clear shellac is bad enough, dipping your brush into a can of ground up bugs. The amber stuff, which is all sludgy and brown, really drives home the point.

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ddj said...

where can I get this green tape? love it!