Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Find the Component Challenge

Took a spin on the 1981 Gran Tourer SE today. For some very strange reason, I absolutely adore riding this bike, especially for relaxed cruising around.

It is also a looker, so I couldn't resist taking a few pictures on the Rock Creek Trestle. As I was doing so, a jogger passing by called out, "What a beautiful bike". I might add that this was the only jogger, or anyone else, who passed by. Some people might call this statistically insignificant, but I prefer to think of it as proof positive of the ineffable allure of this bike.

This one came to me in nearly unridden, stock condition. I've done some small modifications to it, and I thought it might be fun for readers to try to identify the Suntour Cyclone, Suntour Superbe, and Campagnolo parts (one of each) that I've installed on this bike. I believe there is enough detail in the following pictures for a knowledgeable viewer to make these distinctions.

Post your answers as comments. Winners prize will be the satisfaction of knowing more than everyone else, which is always a lot of fun. As always, click on pictures for larger view.

The Campagnolo one is probably the hardest, but is visible enough to hazard a guess. None of the components have their logos readable; readers have to recognize form.

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