Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Mondia

The 1972 Mondia Special build is shaping up. Those are Campy Record High Flange hubs, with the coveted straight QR levers laced to Mavics. Got the handlebars taped. I swore I was going to wait until I did at least one bike with a conventional wrap before I did another harlequin, but I couldn't resist on this bike. Just too flashy. The green is Viva tape from Rivendell, they call it "Celery", the yellow is Tressostar.

The green seems to match the paint nicely, but we'll see after lacquer how it looks.

The stem is a Cinelli 1/R and the bars are Cinelli Giro d'Italia. These were prominently positioned on my Tommaso, which I parted out a year ago, I had wrecked it, and the frame was bent.

When you part out a bike, it is like the Inuit and a whale they've caught - it feeds projects seemingly forever. Little bits of this Tommaso keep turning up in various projects.

I de-anodized the stem and bar with oven cleaner. Unlike other parts I've deanodized where a 3-5 minute soak is adequate, these took a while with multiple applications.

Here is another shot. The lustre on the handlebars/stem isn't evident in this picture, but they do really shine. Also, those are NOS Suntour Superbe (not Pro) non aero levers. I have the medium reach calipers to match. I've had these around for a number of years, this is the perfect project for them.

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idotel said...

Love it! Just picked up a rebranded Monida (Toure de Suisse RS555) from the same era