Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunny, Clear

and a high of 25 degrees in Washington D.C. Perfect day to cycle to that business lunch in Bethesda. The bike is my 1985 Trek 620 warhorse. A veteran of years of commuting and long rides, much of it off pavement, it is equipped with a lot of interesting, bulletproof parts like a Schmidt Dynohub. Someday I'll get a post up about this faithful friend.

All you have to do is block the wind, not really bundle up. I'm just wearing a normal sweater under the uninsulated shell, no long underwear or anything, and a set of jogging windbreaker lowers over my jeans. My regular cycling boat shoes, along with cap, gloves, and scarf, finish the ensemble.

Gotta watch the ice though, the Georgetown Branch Trail (the unpaved extension of the Capital Crescent between Downtown Silver Spring and Bethesda), had some tricky parts. I actually rode over the section below, which was probably pretty stupid at my age and all.

I always tell anyone who will listen to me that I would much rather ride in 30 degree weather than 90, one doesn't get all sweaty. Nobody, around here, anyhow, maybe they would in Minnesota or one of those places where they do psycho ice racing on viciously studded tires, seems to believe me, which is ok. I get the trail to myself, very therapeutic and calming.

I do wonder what it is like to run around on some of those wicked looking ice tires.

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