Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daiwa Cycles

Yesterday, the Otaku clan ventured down to Daiwa Cycles here in Osaka, Japan, to buy a bicycle for Otaku jr.

Daiwa Cycles is very colorful:

We threatened to buy my son a pink bicycle if he didn't behave:

We also looked at some mamacharis (mama chariot) for my wife.  These are ubiquitous here in Japan and are frequently rigged to carry one kid on the rear and one kid on the front:

However,  Mrs. Otaku had a fit of bike snobbery after looking at some of the local goods and made me commit to shipping over her 1985 Trek 720 when I return to the U.S.

For my son, we eventually settled on a Bridgestone that is decidedly post-Petersen:

A bit of orientation from the helpful staff at Daiwa Cycles - generally, Japanese retail service is so much better than in the U.S. as to be almost from a different planet:

When you are a 6 year old boy, there are few things that are as fun and happy as a new bicycle.


Brett said...

What's cool about this bike (other than the massive fenders and huge front basket) is it looks like a bottle generator on the front to power the lights. Is there internally wiring that powers the rear light as well? Not something you would see on a kids bike here in the US.

Nice post, and I look forward to your future visits to places such as Grand Bois Cycles (Kyoto) and other only-in-Japan bicycle shops...

T. E. B. H. said...

When are we gonna see you throw down with the Osaka fixed freestyle crew? XD

Katherine - Stands said...

Useful post. You keep churning out some good info!

Anonymous said...

Loved the "Bridgestone that is decidedly post-Petersen"
characterization. I'm sure Grant would too.


Cruiser said...

Rigged to have one kid on the front and one in the rear?!?! That would never fly in the States! There would be some angry parents staring down that bike.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you and your family are safe from the disaster. I'm sure that I speak for other readers here, in that our hearts and prayers go out to you. -Matt