Monday, May 16, 2011

Close, But No Banana

Pictured above is an example of IRD's XCPro thumb shifters.  Like many a retrogrouch of the late 90's, early 00's, my Suntour XC Pro thumbies were not just shifters.  Rather, they were the embodiment of our valiant and seemingly doomed stand against an Orwellian future of carbon frames with integrated headsets and so forth.

So I was quite excited to see these, but the text in the product listing seemed to be lacking any discussion of friction mode.  Seeing as how XC Pro thumbie and friction go together like Rivendell and twit tweed, I wrote IRD asking for a clarification.

Today I received a response and there is no joy in Thumbville, mighty IRD has struck out with index only "XC Pro" (ha!) thumbies.

Well, they look nice, I guess.


Jon said...

I actually had a pair of those in hand, ready to pay for them, when I realized that they were "index-only". I handed them back, bought some Paul's Thumbies and a pair of Ultegra bar-end shifters, instead.

robatsu said...

Ok, good to see I'm not alone. I already sent IRD a message about this, maybe if enough like-minded people do the same IRD will produce these with a friction option. I, for one, would undoubtedly buy a set at their price point if they had a friction mode.