Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Checking In

Took a break from my recent frenetic ebaying today to ride out to Great Falls along the Potomac.  I rode this bike (cheesy cell phone pic):

This is a nice forty mile jaunt from my home, at least the way I go.  It finally cleared up today, the past few days have been misty and threatening, which tends to keep me closer to home on the bike.  The miles just roll off the Fuji America and with 25c tires, the pace is fairly brisk.

I've been pretty happy with the 25c Pasela Panaracers on this bike.  They are even fairly serviceable off road so long as things don't get too ugly.

This is Wide Water, an area of the C&O canal just downstream of Great Falls:

It never ceases to amaze me that there are scenes like this just outside (and sometimes inside) the Washington DC Beltway.


JPTwins said...

i've started following your ebay sales (hoping to find something i "need") and was amazed to see some of the full bikes you built up suddenly appearing piece by piece.

obviously, i understand it, but it's an interesting exercise from the blog readers point of view to see everything become dismantled. usually bloggers JUST build up! good luck with this!

Have you decided on the final bike(s) to bring to Japan?


Kolby J said...

Hello -
Yesterday I procured my very first Fuji Bike - or first bike in my adult life. It's awesome! But it's in need of some love, clean up and restoration. I live in the DC area and was wondering if you knew of any good bike shops that could help me out with this? What needs to be done etc.

If my bike were in perfect condition it would look like this..silver


Thanks - Erin
Gran Tourer Mixte