Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pretty in Pink - 1985 Trek 770

I always wanted a hot pink 1985 Trek 770.  So much that I kind of got a fake one the hard way living in Hawaii in the late 80's - I had my 1986 Trek 660 repainted hot pink and I slowly swapped out the components on it for high level Campy ones.

That bike is long gone, but I still fondly remember zipping around in traffic on it in downtown Honolulu.  And I've always kept half an eye open for the bona fide article.

Today one followed me home.  Rather, it followed me from Ebay to Paypal and should be on a truck soon to my home.  All I've got now are the semi-crummy Ebay pics for a bike that is in purportedly outstanding shape w/original componentry, etc.

The square fork crown is pretty neato.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, someone posted about this at I'm really glad to see that it's yours now. Cool bike!