Thursday, October 2, 2014

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Spread

Long term readers of this blog may have noticed a slow drift in Fuji Otaku.  What originally began as strictly vintage Fuji bicycle content has veered significantly into other bicycle marques and, recently and alarmingly, even motorcycles.

Maybe the blog is having an identity crisis.  One should expect to continue bicycle/motorcycle content, as generally the philosophy around here is two wheels good, four wheels bad.  But even that is not a promise, since the Otaku stable includes original ownership of a 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 that is a compelling artifact.

Anyhow, I emerged from my high-rise redoubt in downtown Eugene and nearby was this Royal Enfield Bullet 500 waiting to pose for a photo shoot.  Royal Enfields were never my bag, Triumph/Norton were the extent of my exposure to British brands growing up.

But it was very attractive and maybe some readers know a bit more about this bike.  Very impressive horn as well, always a good thing.

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