Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back In The Black

I was talked off the ledge about the white brake hoods on my 1981 Fuji Gran Tourer SE. I also decided that the red lacing on the Toshi leather bar covers, while attractive in isolation, wasn't cutting it on the bike. It was really too fancy and colorful for this bike, which is sort of puritanical in black and plain silver components.

So I dyed the lacing black, slipped on some black brake hoods. I took this as an opportunity to install some silver braided steel brake cable housings, keeping with the black and metallic look of this bike.

Here is it:

I kept the chromed plastic bar plugs.

This Toshi leather wrap makes your bars look like a supermodel in a wetsuit. The right side (the drive side) went on a little tighter, and is almost completely wrinkle free.

Here is a detail shot of the new brake cable housing.

Adieu for now.

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