Friday, April 3, 2009

Pump For The Gran Tourer

Finally got around to installing the pump mounts below:

Like with any frame clamp item, it is a good idea to knock down any burrs or rough spots on the inner surface that contacts the frame. Then apply a very light coat of grease on the same surface. This will reduce scratching of the paint during installation and tend to exclude the moisture that often causes rust problems under frame clamps.

These Cyclo pump pegs are pretty nicely constructed items.

Not "Made In England", but "British Made". Sounds regal and Churchillian.

Took a ride today, stopped by the Pagoda at the National Park Seminary to shoot a few pics.

To the right of the Fuji is a "water chain". This is a traditional Japanese take on gutter downspouts. Instead of a pipe, there is a chain down which the water caught in a gutter trickles. With an interesting appearance at all times, it comes alive during the rain, providing a pleasant visual and audial display.

A classic Japanese design that is functional, durable, economical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Like old Fuji bicycles.

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