Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Circus Is Coming To Town

So who is going to Le Cirque Du Cyclisme?

Formerly held in North Carolina, the event was moved last year to Leesburg, Virginia, a short 40 mile ride each way from my home. Indeed, it is mere feet from the Leesburg Loop, a quite nice ride I take whenever I am able to trick Mrs. Otaku into doing some miles on the C&O towpath (she despises this...).

For informational purposes, this event is an outgrowth of the Classic Rendezvous mailing list, the venerable and rarified gathering place for the most discriminating vintage bike connoisseurs. I used to keep tabs on this back when I was still a campy-phile, but since moving downscale a little, I pay less attention to it.

Nonetheless, it is so close to home and so chock-full of the finest european drool-ware.

Unfortunately, I missed the event this year, but I'm pretty determined to make it out Sunday for the bike show. The weather currently seems promising for a ride out there (and back..) and my schedule seems clear, no birthday parties for any of Otaku Junior's friends. I'll probably ride either the Gran Tourer or the America. The Mondia is much more to the style of the event, but this bike isn't shaken out yet.

Plus, I like the idea of adding a little vintage Fuji to the stew should I decide to enter my ride in the show. The high end America is a little more congruent with Le Cirque than the distinctly working class Gran Tourer, which would probably be one of the few entries with a derailleur claw. On the other hand, I'm quite enchanted with the Gran Tourer's ride and the customizations I've done on it.

But I don't want to be a spectacle or the object of derision. Maybe I could enter it as a "Fucci".

Anyone else going? If you want to meet on Sunday, look for the guy with some sort of Fuji and possibly a trailer, small boy, and Mrs. Otaku in tow.

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