Saturday, April 3, 2010

718 Cyclery Shirt And Cool Hubs

Just when I didn't think I'd have anything to blog about today, I found a package on my front porch.  Following this blog's exclusive interview with Joe Nocella, founder of 718 Cyclery, Joe said he'd send on one of their nifty shop shirts as a memento and now it had arrived.

Thinking about how to take a picture of it gave me the idea to try one of those wine and cheese and bike parts still life arrangements that are cropping up on boutique vendor sites.  So I retrieved a few shiny, primo hubsets from the Fuji Otaku cool parts bin and laid things out.  Here is the result:

Obviously, I still have much work to do on developing my still life photography skills.

For readers who may want to test their hub identification skills, here is a closeup:

Hub identification contestants - please post your guesses in the comments.

Anyhow, thanks a million, Joe. I will definitely be wearing this to the 2010 Cirque du Cyclisme.  Hope to see everyone there.


Matteo said...

Ha! That was hilarious. You mentioned going for the still life/artsy look of 'those vendors' and when I saw the picture I laughed outloud. Yes, I suppose it takes a little more than throwing a bunch of hubs onto a shirt to get the effect you were going for, but good try! Cool shirt though, and what a great gift.

robatsu said...


Just taking any pictures of shiny objects that does them credit is pretty hard. I've pretty much given up on that for my ebay auctions, I think I've decided that the time I spend getting that right is worth more than the extra money I get by exciting blingophilia in bidders.

T. E. B. H. said...

A different arrangement of the hubs and a different camera angle would help the composition. otherwist the hubs are nice and shiny, and the textures of the shirt are nice and rich looking