Monday, April 12, 2010

We Get Mail - Orange Fuji Sagres

This just in:

"Fuji Otaku,

Been following your blog for awhile now. Love all the builds.
Here's my "non-resto" 1986 Fuji Sagres.  Good luck with your upcoming move.



We strive to please w/the details on the builds.  Sometimes I worry that I go into too much detail, but then I figure why not display the nitty gritty of the thought process that goes into tweaking a bike to ultimate personal satisfaction.

I like the orange on your Sagres, or on any bike.  I'm not sure why one doesn't see more orange bikes since it is such an attractive color.  Coincidentally, I'm actually considering that color if I repaint my recently acquired Touring Series V and don't choose to follow the stock colors.

Folks, here is a shot of Carl's Sagres.  As you can see from this picture, it is most definitely not a garage queen and that Carl is as serious about his riding as he is about his wrenching:

Carl, thanks for writing and I hope you get a lot of happy miles in on that bike!


Fuji Otaku

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