Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Hub From Paul Components

Following my recent writeup on the Electra Ticino hubs, I did a quick scan of the some manufacturers to update myself on what may be the the next object of my hub desires.

On the Paul Component Engineering site, I saw a nice set of six-cutout high flange hubs.  Here is the front, also available with a quick release axle:

But alas, the rear hub, pictured below, is only available in track/flip flop configurations.

So I sent off an message to their posted contact  email asking if a multi-speed freewheel and/or freehub version(s) of this hub would be available.

Imagine my delight when I received this response from The Paul, who also granted me permission to publish it:

"We soon will have a freewheel version called the Jono hub. It comes with spacers to fit nearly every frame/freewheel combination.

Have a good ride,


That's pretty exciting news, a modern production and presumably high quality hub that is very similar in appearance to classically styled high flange hubs.

And seeing the allen fixing nuts on these hubs made me wonder, yet again, do I really need quick release levers on any of my wheels?  If I have my little toolkit with me, which is virtually always, I have a small set of allen wrenches in there.

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Matthew said...

Wow, those look GREAT! Hmmm... how can I con 300 dollars out of my wife?

About QR skewers, I don't see a huge penalty for having them. I suppose they are slightly heavier, but it can't be by much. Yes, I carry a multi tool but I like not having to dig it out anytime I remove the tires. I suppose they can also create theft issue on a commuter bike but I don't see using these hubs on anything I would leave alone in public.

QR levers may be only a minor convenience but I think the penalties are less. Maybe I am missing something?