Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Velo Orange Constructeur Front Rack On Ebay

Normally I don't like to mention my ebay auctions in this blog - it seems a little self serving.

However, today I'm breaking that rule and pointing out that I'm currently selling my Velo Orange constructeur front rack here.  I'm giving myself license to break this rule because I know this isn't the sort of thing that normally is coming up on Ebay, so if you've got some pals who need one...

In other noncycling, but really good news, my wife emailed me with news of my son Benchan who started first grade last week in Osaka, Japan:

"The teachers told me that yesterday, at recess/recreational period, the 6th grade girls found Benchan to be so cute that they took care of him the whole time".

So my kid is sitting around being fed grapes by Japanese schoolgirls?  Whatta deal!  He better not be complaining about a rotten childhood when he grows up..

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