Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bling O' The Day

Above are some Sugino Mighty Tour Cranks I'm prepping for installation on my 1981 Fuji America. This was a real nice set sans scratches/rub marks. I deanodized them with oven cleaner than manually polished first with Mothers then with Simichrome.

To polish them, I wrap one end in cloth and then clamp it in a wood faced woodworking vice. Then I use a long piece of cloth like a strop on the free end. Not quite as quick as a buffing wheel, but much, much quicker than the normal way of manually polishing an item.  Properly clamped, you can bear down with the full strength of both arms as well as move the polishing cloth very fast.

It is also a whole lot safer than a buffing wheel.

Deanodizing and polishing took about an hour total. I still have to paint the flutes and logo.

This is a 165mm set - I normally use 170/175, but I figured I'd give these a try. The Fuji America's bottom bracket is a smidge on the low side and I want to put skinnier tires on it.

If I don't like the shorter length, this crankset is serious Ebay bait - BMX and fixie folks go berserk over classically styled Sugino 110 BCD cranks, especially when they are really shiny or anodized an odd color. Usually, they are looking for Maxy/Super Maxy because they are much more common, but a 165 BCD high polish Mighty Tour would probably send them right around the bend.

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