Sunday, March 21, 2010

Classic vs. Vintage, Round II

Which brake straddle wire carrier would you opt for first, assuming you owned both:

UPDATE: Improved wording of the question is:

Which brake straddle wire carriers would be more likely on your dream bike (assuming your dream bike has any need for these):

80's Vintage Dia Compe Gran Compe:

New Production Velo Orange:


James Black said...

Your choice should be consistent with the overall tenor of the other components you're using.

robatsu said...

Maybe I should have phrased it as,"which one would more likely be on your dream bike".

T. E. B. H. said...

but I run single pivot side pulls ._.

Anonymous said...

How about can use the VO and ship me the Gran Compe.

On a more serious note, I would certainly use the GC on an old Fuji if they were available to me. If this is for something like the Mondia, it would be a toss up to me.


robatsu said...

The Gran Compes have been pretty plentiful on Ebay recently for around 10 dollars or so. You might want to snap up a set or two while this wave lasts.

Dia Compe also made a forged version of this and one with an integral quick release. I might have examples of each around, if I run across them, I'll post the pics.

I did install a set of the VO ones on my Gran Tourer. Setup was fidgety and they are a little blocky looking out in space there once installed.