Thursday, March 25, 2010

More on Electra Ticino High Flange Road Hubs

Pursuant to my recent acquisition of a set of Electra Ticino Hubs, I sent the following questions to Electra:

"I recently purchased a set of Ticino Road Hubs which arrived today (gorgeous, but I'm sure you hear that alot).  A couple of questions:

1)  Do you have the wheelbuilding information for this (spoke radius,  flange offsets, etc).  I suppose I could measure this, but it would be nice to have the official figures.

2)  Do you have any recommended/non-recommended usage information - max loading, offroading, things that would negate a warranty or just cause you to think a user was an idiot.

3)  In reference to the greaseport on the axle housings (beautiful, BTW), did you intend this to be functional, i.e, that people would be  replenishing the grease in a meaningful fashion on sealed bearings.

4)  Any plans for a 36h version?"

And I received the following back:

''Thank you for choosing Electra!  I hope you are pleased with the purchase of your new Ticino hubs.  

As far as hub measurements, I am still trying to obtain the "official" specs., but I wanted to get back with you as soon as possible.  I'll send the specs. when I get them, but for now I would measure the hubs manually.  

The hubs are not designed for off road applications, but the hubs will be warranted for one year under "normal" use.  

The hubs are sealed on the outside, but there is no seal on the inside, hence the grease port.  I understand the grease port can be misleading......I thought the same thing as you at first.  

Last but not least, we are considering a 36 hole version.  I hope this helps, and thanks again!

Oliver Dine
Electra Bicycle Company, LLC "

So there you have it.

UPDATE 3-25-2010 
Several hours after receiving the above from Mr. Dine of Electra Bicycle, I received more info, which rather surprised me and speaks well of Electra Bicycle service.  I assumed it would be days before more information was forthcoming:


Below are the specs.:

Spoke hole diameter=2.5mm
Over locknut dimension=130mm rear / 100mm front
Flange diameter=66mm
Rear hub width from center to flange: WL (left flange to center)=36mm / WR (right flange to center)=17mm
Front hub center to flange=32mm

Oliver Dine
Electra Bicycle Company, LLC"

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