Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just In Time For St. Patty's (Big News)

Actually, I don't think much about St. Patricks day or Irish anything, despite having a grandmother whose maiden name was Maggie Brown. However, I do know that one way to get rid of an irritating bluegrass banjoist in a jam is to play two minor key jigs in a row. Watching people who are unaccustomed to playing 6/8 time is like watching a dog eat peanut butter.

Anyhow, the clock is drawing down on Mrs. & Junior Otaku leaving for Japan, they are leaving Friday, zero dark early. Yamato Transport (cool cat logo, you see this all over Japan) picked up lots of boxes today and the Missus had another weepy drinking goodbye event scheduled for 5 pm, so I had pickup kid from day care deal. Being a really nice day, I opted for:

Tomorrow is the last day of day care, so I figured this might be our last father/son trailer jaunt. It was a bit of a sentimental ride, one last time down the Capital Crescent/Georgetown Branch.

Little did I know...

When we got home, I found that my Pasela Panaracers I ordered from the Mondia had arrived from Nashbar. I've been futzing around finishing off this project, it never seems to finish. So after Mrs. left for her soiree, I settled in for a little more futzing and my boy got down into some serious truck action.

After a little while, Kev, one of my jazz buddies who has become a good friend showed up on his bike, said hitch up the trailer, lets get a few miles in before dark. At that moment, I saw daylight on the Mondia, a blinding light... So I wrenched a little more and:

HOLY I DON'T KNOW WHAT!!! I got this frame in a swap 10 years ago, the project has proceeded in fits and starts and today, the green streak is on the road. You're probably just as excited as I am.

We headed out for Kensington so we could buy a treat for my son. Had to stop once or twice for a couple of tweaks, but all I can say is woweee. This bike rides as good as it looks.

Here is my son with the Mondia once we got to Kensington.

Yes, the inaugural ride on this was with the trailer. But I was so excited I could have towed the Exxon Valdez off of a reef.

Just for the record, here is Kev in Kensington:

It was getting dark, so we made it a short trip, got home just as darkness was setting in.

Inside, we did some intensive ogling:

Afterwards, we grilled a few shrimp and awaited for Mrs. Otaku to come home and hear about this wondrous news.

Sweet, sweet ride. It feels like a horse straining at the bit, suggesting you give it its head...

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