Monday, March 22, 2010

We Get Mail - Espree and Decals

This just in:


First off, I love the subject that automatically pops up and I love your blog. On Saturday, I purchased a 1984 Fuji Espree in really decent condition. However, one side of the Fuji sticker on the seat tube is a little scuffed up. I was wondering if you knew a place to buy a new decal so I could try to replace it? I haven’t had much luck online, and figured it was worth asking you. It’s the decal that looks like this.

I must say, I’ve always really, really liked older Fuji road bikes. I’m pretty sure it stems from my time spent at Indiana University and watching all the cyclist train for the Little 500. Thanks and maybe I’ll see you around the District.

Washington, DC"


The Fuji Espree is a nice all rounder, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

You'll probably enjoy it even more knowing you can get decals at Velocals. They don't seem to have exactly as pictured, but here are some for a 1983 Del Rey:

If you contact the owner of Velocals (I don't want to publish his email for spam reasons, look on the site) with your specific need & pictures, he's known to be pretty responsive in whipping up what works.


Fuji Otaku


Daniel said...

Thanks for posting an answer, F.O. I'll email for sure. Safe riding.

Joshua said...

I do not know how to email you, but I am having an extensive amount of trouble matching the "metalic burgundy" on my recently acquired 1983 Fuji Espree. I have no idea what to do, as no one has advice besides "eyeball it." Please help?