Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Wheel Turns

My wife Yukari and my son Benchan are leaving for Japan tomorrow morning. Benchan will be starting first grade there and Yukari a great new job in Osaka. Me, I'll be following on the by and by, depending upon how things go with a startup in which I'm serving as the CTO.

Today was a beautiful spring-like day, so Benchan and I went for a last ride down the Capital Crescent trail to Bethesda for some Giffords ice cream, which is a special treat for Benchan.

We stopped along the way and snapped a few pics of the Mondia:

I just applied shellac to the handlebar tape. Recently, I've been subscribing to a less is more philosophy with handlebar shellac- enough to seal the fabric, but not so much that it is slick and shiny. This is with 3 coats. The clear Zinser Bullseye shellac still oranged up the yellow portions of the tape a bit, maybe next time I'll get some super extra blonde flakes and mix my own. But I still think it looks good:

Some other blingy details:

A beautiful machine indeed, but today my thoughts are much more on what the future holds for our little family.


awdemuth said...

Green. Green with envy. Man, that looks good. I wish I had thought of it myself. Great color scheme with the gum hoods and a honey saddle. It looked so good I and had to go back to check if you were running gum walls... and I'm a sucker for those.

robatsu said...

Hey thanks.

I ended up starting to part it out for moving to Japan. But I just couldn't bear to sell the frame itself.

Now I'm thinking how to build it up again, so stay tuned.